Friday, October 7, 2011

a royal dish

hai everyone.yesterday,i didnt post anything rite??quite busy.quite lazy.quite quite quite...
hurmm. it is because of somee reasonn laa?

today,i want to share about royal dish.i hv read about this royal dish yesterday.n of course for the first time i heard about this dish.The royal dish that i'm goin to talk about is DODOL TELUR..hv u heard about that??

no, rite??

lets share.sharing is caring rite??muahahaha :D

DODOL TELUR is a popular dessert with the Pahang royal family.It is increasingly hard to find these days(no wonder i dun know) and only a few of the older folk in Pekan knoww how to make it.Usually these people would have worked in the palace and cooked for the royal family for a long long long time..(sounds great right??)

lets continue..Dodol telur is made from egg yolk,of course la!!.It is easy to prepare BUT still needs a few techniques that mark the expert.What r the ingredients amira??hmm..the ingredients are yolk, butter and sugar.

*WOw!just that??hurmm..yuppp. :)simple as abc..wakaka :D

Dodol telur is served to the Sultan and Sultanah of Pahang during special events such as a royal wedding or the birthday of the Sultan of Pahang..If u wanna taste this dodol,gets a married with prince or princess of Sultan Pahang..hehe :D n so, u will get either a beautiful or handsome son :D.. *definitely!!

n one more name is amira

*amira means princess.. probably, i can get marriage wif prince..hehe ^^

The aroma of dodol telur is mouth-watering, and it is suitable for those who have a sweeth tooth.The bright yellow colour will entice you n u wil surely hv many mouthfuls.

*not many people know of this dessert.Dodol telur is one of the attractions people come to Pekan for,bcoz it is not easily found in other places

how it looks like mira??

here, it is..::::

sweets rite??sweet as the person that share this information to u..hehe ^^

actually, yesterday i hv made a cake.a chocolate cake..

the recipe might be different from the one that i made before i went to school for "raptai hari konvokesyen".    i just got the oppurtunity to gave it to some of the teachers n friends to taste..remember??remember?that one, i got the recipe from my mother..but, yesterday i used my 'mak baukh' recipe..

delicious :)

taken :P
                APA YANG DIIMaGINASI :D

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