Thursday, September 29, 2011

the beauty of life

Two old couples have just had dinner.The wives are in the kitchen and the husbands are chatting in the lounge.."We went to see a great film the other day," says one."IT was called,erm...what's the name of those flowers with red petals,thorns...Rose!!!That's itt.Rose,dear,what was that film we saw the other day?"

hahahahha..just laughhh laa..come on!!! laugh is the best medicine ever :)))

Said it loudddd!!! just shoutttt

i wonder u might think i crazy rite now..haha.yeap..maybe..hurm,actually i hv chemistry final exam for sem 1..n the questions were not that easy ya! !!!thirty minutes left to pass the paper n o have a lot of question that i haven't answered yett!!!!arghhh..this i was quite nervous..everything were not good..i can't think like before..come on!!!answer it one by one amira!!! think what u hv learnt before..come on.come. u can do it!!!!! put any formula n put the given value in it...try!!!whose know?it might true..try.try.dun simply keep it white paper..dun give back white paper to examiners..

lets cool urself mira with these 'mutiara hati'

- mimpi x akan menjadi kenyataan jika kita asyik tidur

- terdpat banyakk kemungkinan untuk gagal kerana kejayaan hanya boleh dicapai dengan satu perkara iaitu USAHA.

- kegagalan adalah permulaan kepada kejayaan..

- Tanpa permulaan, anda tidak akan sampai ke mana-mana
- fikiran membawa kepda pekerjaan. Pekerjaan membawa kepada kejayaan.KEJayaan membawa kepada impian ;))
now,lets tawakal..u hv do the best n allah will do the rest. insyaallah .everything would be fine :-)

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